Gather is a food waste collection service for businesses that want to reduce their impact on the environment

How does it work?

  1. Firstly you'll need to internally separate your food waste from the other waste streams. Take a look at the uBin, they make this really easy

  2. Then place your food waste into an external bin that we'll provide free of charge. Only food waste in clear plastic sacks can be accepted

  3. We schedule the Gather truck to visit your site as regularily as you'd like and charge per bin

  4. The food waste is taken to your local anaerobic digestion plant where a complex biological process speeds up it's breakdown. The gasses produced are used to generate electricity

Why recycle food waste?

Breaking down in landfill, food waste can produce methane – greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than CO2 – and a liquid, called leachate (essentially bin juice), which can contaminate water supplies.

By segregating your food waste you avoid landfill altogether and minimise your impact on the environment.

Furthermore the cost of sending waste to landfill is on the increase. In 2014, recycling a tonne of food waste cost at least £60 less than sending it to landfill.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on your businesses requirements, volumes and location. Get in touch using the form below and we will provide a bespoke quote. Did we mention there's no long term contract?

I'm interested. What next?

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